Tree Services

Every property owner wants to make sure their landscape is designed, planned and implemented in an expert manner. It’s why you hire expert landscapers to create these plans for you. Every garden and yard, regardless of its size, will have a certain number of trees in it and these too need regular care and attention. In addition to regular tree maintenance solutions, you may sometimes need specialized tree services such as tree lopping, tree trimming, stump grinding and more.

As experienced operators in this space we provide excellent solutions that are right in line with your needs.We cater to residential and commercial customers alike and go the extra mile to ensure we exceed expectations on all counts. Here is a detailed look at the different Tree Services we at Absolute Green Life offer:

Tree Lopping

This technique is used to shorten stems, branches as well as the trunks of trees. Tree lopping may be required because the tree is growing threateningly close to a building, home or overhead power lines etc. This job is a highly specialised one and there is never any margin for error. There are different types of lopping services such as:

  • Complete tree lopping– If any trees on your property have become damaged due to a lightning strike or a storm, the damaged portions would have to be removed from your property without impacting the rest of the tree or structures in the surroundings.
  • Partial tree lopping – We provide custom partial tree lopping services and in most instances this is factored intoyour regular gardenmaintenance schedule. In this technique, the trees are reshaped to blend in seamlessly with the various elements in your landscape.
  • Generaltree lopping- This involves the planned cutting of large branches and limbs to prevent them from obstructing the view, creating more head clearance along garden paths or making sure the tree’s branches don’t extend overpoolspaces etc.

Tree Removal

Most property owners would never willingly want to cut down a full-grown tree on their property. But there are times when a tree removal is required to maintain the safety of the open spaces on a property. There are different situations in which completetree removal may be required such as: 

  • When trees become irrevocably damaged in a storm and they get uprooted from the ground.
  • Lightning strikes a tree and causes extensive damage to the entire tree.
  • The tree is growing threateningly close to a building or home structure.
  • The roots of trees growing close to your home structure have started extending towards its foundation.

Sometimes tree removal may be required to make room for new structures and construction or develop new garden areas, and we handle all these jobs expertly. 

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees are generally trimmed and pruned at regular intervals as part of the landscape maintenance plans we offer customers. You have the option to hire us for these services separately as well. There are a number of benefits to getting the trees on your property trimmed and pruned with regularity:

  • It keeps your trees healthy as regular trimming encourages the growth of newbranches and leaves
  • Removing all the old and dried branches helps maintain the health of the trees.
  • When the branches are trimmed regularly, it allows light and air to filter through tothe grassand smaller shrubs and plants growing around the base of the trees and promotes their growth as well.

Stump Grinding Services

There are times when companies use poor techniques while clearing trees from a property and a large portion of the tree trunk is left protruding from the ground. Not only does this impact the appearance of the landscape, but can be a tripping hazard as well. We provide excellent stump grinding services toboth commercial and residential customers.

We use compact state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment in this work and can clearstumps that are located in very tight spaces on your property as well. The tree stump will be ground down to a few inches below the ground so it poses no risk and you can carry out your landscape work without any problems. 

Land Clearing Services

If you are planning on constructing a house structure or commercial building on some land or simply want to make some space in your landscape for any outdoor structure and needto remove trees and plantings that are growing at that spot, you can hire our land clearing services. We can handle projects of any scale and complexity and cater to residential and commercial customers.

Residential land clearing service may be required for:

  • Building a new home
  • Extending or adding to an existing structure
  • Constructing an outdoor kitchen, pool house, pergola, gazebo etc.
  • Installing a swimming pool
  • Building retaining walls
  • Upgrading the landscape
  • Clearing spaces to build boundary walls

Commercial land clearing service may be required for:

  • Extending any existing parking lots
  • Construction ofnew office buildings
  • Extending or adding to existing buildings
  • Upgrading the existing landscape or installing a new one
  • Making room for outdoor structures
  • Other

Emergency Tree Removal

When a storm strikes your area, it can cause considerable damage to the landscaping; and in some instances, it also brings large trees crashing to the ground. These may have collapsed in the landscape, on your home’s roof or on an outdoor structure on your property.

There are times when the damage doesn’t visibly seem too severe, but as a layperson you wouldn’t be able to judge whether the tree is stable or not. This is when you should call us for emergency tree removal services.

  • We are local to your area and on call 24/7. Our experts will be at your location within the shortest possible time after your call.
  • Our experts will assess the damage and advice you on how the tree would be removed, ensuring that no damage is caused to the rest of your property.
  • Some trees require immediate attention but we also help you with the information needed to make your insurance claims.
  • The damaged or dangerous tree will be removedskilfully and efficiently and the stump grinding will be carried outproperly. The branches, leaves and wood chippings will then be transported away and disposedof responsibly.

For more information about our expert tree services, feel free to call us at either of these numbers- 0414 922 246. You also have the option to send Absolute Green Life your queries and requests via this online form.